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Cassandra Palmer tome 11

Ignite the Fire

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C2assie Palmer is the Pythia, chief seer of the supernatural world. John Pritkin is a half demon and a legendary war mage. Mircea Basarab is a first-level master vampire and the general of the World Vampire Senate. Each is formidable enough alone. But they discovered recently that, together, they are far more than the sum of their parts. With their power combined through a perilous spell, they are the closest thing left on Earth to one of the ancient gods.

That comes in handy considering that the old gods are exactly what the supernatural community is currently fighting. But now, one member of their triumvirate is missing. Mircea Basarab has left Earth for Faerie, alone and unaccompanied, on a personal mission five hundred years in the making. If Cassie and Pritkin cannot retrieve their third, their only real advantage in the war is gone, and Earth is likely lost. Yet Faerie holds unimaginable dangers, and the last time they were there, they almost died. This time, there might be something even worse than death lying in wait.

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