Runes Tome 7


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T1hey move among Mortals, using the powers of runes to become invisible, heighten their speed, and manipulate things; but more often, they hide in plain sight. Like the boy seated across from you in math class. The captain of the cheer squad. The hot new quarterback. Or the new neighbor across from your apartment.

Wherever they appear, death follows. They are soul reapers—the Valkyries and Grimnirs—collecting warriors for Asgard to fight in the end-of-the-world battle between the gods and the giants. Working beside them on Earth are Immortals, men and women given immortality by the power of runes.

Yet when they leave, memories are erased and Mortals don’t remember ever meeting them, unless you’ve been chosen to join them… Or if one of them falls in love with you.

Raine Cooper met and fell in love with Torin St. James without knowing what he was. He too thought she was just another Mortal. But Raine is much more than they both realized and Torin is the stuff of legends.

For nearly a year, they’ve battled deities and evil Immortals determined to push them apart. But when a secret from his past threatens their relationship again, they choose the only way left to strengthen their love and bond.

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