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Bienvenu à Nevermore Tome 3

Never Say Die

Bienvenue a nevermore tome 3 never say die 646526 264 432

E 2

D3eath Unmasked...

What appears to be a series of suicides in the town of Nevermore is much more menacing. The deaths of its prominent citizens can be traced right back to the heart of ultimate deceit ... and powerful revenge. But the investigation takes on a whole new twist when a god arrives in Nevermore to claim his mate, a human woman already dead by her own hand.

...and Love Unparalleled

No one understands heartache better than Cullen Whyte, but starting a new life in Nevermore with the support of his twin sister Norie sure helps soothe old wounds. As he and his best friend Laurent begin preparations to open their new absinthe lounge, however, trouble walks in--and her name is Lillith Monroe.

Lillith is an ex-Raven witch who's seeking to switch alliances. After making some nasty enemies in the Ravens as a result of her defection to the Dragons, she has more than a few problems. So the last thing she needs is to fall for the wizard with the soulful eyes and magic hands...

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